Aduprint has a wide variety of facilities ranging from a full line of pre-press equipment, printing presses, binding machines, surface-finishing machines and other print production equipment. Our company has been investing heavily in the adoption of the latest printing & media technologies performed by the following machines:


Equipment model




of Installation


of Origin

Agfa Avalon N8

B/1 and B/2 CTP



Heidelberg SM 102-5-P

B/1  (72x102cm) printing press



Heidelberg SM 102-4-P

B/1  (72x102cm) printing press



Polar 115

Trimming machine



Heidelberg Stahlfolder

B/1 folding machine



Heidelberg Stahlfolder II

B/1 folding machine



Wohlenberg City-e

Perfect binder



MüllerMartini Ventura MC160

Sewer machine



Heidelberg ST-100




Axis Control

Color measurement system



Cordoba Petratto

Rill-folding machine



MBO 540

folding machine




The standard operational procedures:


The standard order procedure at Aduprint is to place written order has to contain evidently and identifiably:

  • Aduprint’s quotation reference
  • the label and the name of the ordered product
  • the specification; especially with regards to the number of the copies, requested material, color, extent, binding method, packaging- and delivery instructions
  • the Customer’s name, address (seat), registry number
  • in case of difference, the account’s owner’s name, address (registered office) and registry number
  • the settlement deadline
  • The distribustion and layout of pallets must be agreed not later than print production has started. 

The standard operating procedure at Aduprint is to require the following quality -check procedures:

  • If possible, the client shell provide a hard copy of the print product for color reference
  • Alternately, the client shell provide printed color-proofs for reference           
  • In absence of color references, Aduprint considers standard process offset values based on ISO 12647-2.
  • All files are flight-checked using “Pitstop”, from which we get an “Errors and Warnings” report. Major problems with files are flagged up to you by email or we can send you a copy of the report. If changes are required by any party, we ask that you make the change on the source file and make a new PDF.
  • Aduprint will provide the client with a PDF imposition softproof gone through rip-process, that need to be confirmed and approved by the customer. On request of our customer Aduprint provides a paper version (Plots) of the softproofs for a cost of EUR 40,- incl. delivery to EU countries. This imposition proof is not intended to proof color, only the content and layout of the print product.
  • Once a job is approved for printing, the job starts to run. We pull and save sheets at consistent intervals. If the schedule allows, Aduprint provides the client with printed and hand-fold (but non-surface-finished) sheets prior to binding for inspection and approval for free.
  • Aduprint provides 2 advance copies to the hands of the customer prior to delivery of printrun free of charge.
  • As a job is packed and shipped, our shipping manager reviews each client’s packing and shipping specifications to ensure compliance.


How to send us your files: There are several ways of getting files to us. The most common are:

  • sFTP à We provide an SFTP server: an individual account will be set up with dedicated login and password. For reaching our SFTP server, additional apps might be installed onto your computer.
  • Online Filesender à we accept files sent via online file transfer that is a free service offered by the internet. (ie. WeTransfer)
  • CD/DVD à You can send us your files on a CD/DVD


Delivery of printed books: Number of pallets will be be announced with 3 day’s notice at the receipt’s warehouse. Each consignment must be accompanied with a delivery note apart from the usual freight papers, which will carry the following Information:

  • Exact delivery address
  • Date of leaving Aduprint
  • Exact title
  • Number of pallets per title/article
  • Number of Items per pallet


Packing: In case of no individual packaging was agreed, Aduprint provides following concept:

  • All goods will be delivered on standard 1000 x 700 mm pallets. If Euro-Pool Pallets (1020 x 720 mm) are requested, Aduprint intends to collect pallets in exchange at the delivery place or alternatively will charge EUR 9,- per pallet.
  • All goods will be packed lose or in bulk foil-packages or in brown boxes based on the choice of the customer. Different types of packing are subject of individual agreement.
  • Layers of goods will be stacked on one another in a staggered fashion. Printed sheets of any arbitrary artwork shell be placed between the layers in order to avoid sliding.
  • Packaged goods will not exceed at any point the clearance of the pallet: blocks of books must have a minimum distance from the edges of the pallet of at least 3 cm.
  • Both the pallet and the blocks of books will be protected by stretch film to prevent slipping of goods.


Under- or overdelivery: Aduprint is authorized to depart from the number of the copied issues set in the contract not more than plus 3 % or minus 3 %.